It has been over a year for many workplaces world over working primarily from home due to Covid-19. Even as offices begin to open up, many office-workers appreciate the flexibility of working from home. Much has been written proclaiming that flexible work from home is here to stay — I very much hope it does. For me personally, it means saving time from commute and having a more ergonomic home-office setup.

In the past, even when the option to work from home was given, employees would be viewed unfavorably for using that flexibility. …

As I listened to the audiobook ‘Thank you for being late’ by Oliver Wyman in February 2017, I heard the narrator say— “ we are beginning to automate a lot more cognitive tasks… today artificially intelligent machines can make better decisions than humans.” That’s when I realized that I am in the middle of a revolution, and I would have no-one to blame but myself if I did not become a part of it!

Astha Garg

Data Scientist by profession, chemical engineer by training and data-lover at heart! Connect with me on Linkedin at

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